The Christian Education Department
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  Vision Statement:
Whole ministries, Whole lives, Whole world.


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The Christian Education Department  Of the Missionary  
  Church  (Ja.) initiates and implements policies and
  programmes to  facilitate the development of the whole
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  Mrs. Zoe Simpson (Chairperson); Mrs. Nerissa Bell (Director, Sunday School); Mr. Robert Smith
   (President, Menís Fellowship);
Mrs. Lorraine Peart (President, Womenís Fellowship); Mrs. Josett
(Director, Childrenís Ministry);  Mrs. Blossom White (Director, Media Commission);
   Reverend Courtney Richards
(RENEWED Ministries);  Pastor Teddy Jones (Member At Large),
   Mrs. Jasmin Dwyer, Ms. Jennifer Barrett
(local CE Directors District  Representatives).

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