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Re-positioning The Church For Community Transformation

This is the theme for the Missionary Church Association in Jamaica for the Conference yearS 2018 – 2021.

Is the Church dying… or is the Christian faith merely changing?

• How well is our Church doing in achieving God’s mission?

• What are we getting wrong? Where do we miss the point?

When last did you share the Gospel with someone? These were the soul piercing and searching questions that opened the message which I shared at this year’s convention as we continued to reflect on the above theme

“Any church that is not seriously involved in helping fulfill the Great Commission has forfeited its Biblical right to exist.” – Oswald J. Smith. Re-positioning implies a movement from a place of out of order-ness to the rightful place. It also implies a return to intended purpose. The MCAJ is being called upon to stop, contemplate and make a shift back to core identity, core function, core business. This is not about another frolic after something we have seen on Cable or the internet. It is the response to the beckoning of the Spirit back to the agenda of the founder of the Church. This will require:

A Re-Positioning of our minds and our hearts and a perspective of transformation that transcends development. The kind of change that mirrors the Biblical concept of Shalom. As we do this we must do so with full dependence on the Holy Spirit so that our engagements are accompanied by the visible manifestation of the power of God.

Chairman – Rev. Teddy A. Jones

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