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The following is the latest Missions update from our Missionary, Rev. Courtney Richards, founder and International Director of RENEWED Ministries.

Greetings friends and prayer partners. Shalom aleichem! May God’s peace always be with you and His love and grace carry you through these turbulent times!
I’ve been in the islands of St. Vincent and the Grenadines in the Eastern Caribbean for the last three weeks ministering in churches and schools and meeting with my mentees who live here. The school ministry has been particularly challenging as we continue to see boys fall further and further behind in school performance and good behaviour than girls their same age. It’s a phenomenon we see in the Caribbean and other parts of the world where fathers are missing in the lives of most of our children and the impact on boys is more devastating leaving them vulnerable to under-performance in school, using drugs, engaging in delinquent behaviour which often leads to incarceration and joining gangs among other things. The marginalization of Caribbean males is a phenomenon that has been researched and talked about in academic and government circles but policy makers have done little to address. We, in RENEWED Ministries, are committed to training men to be better men, husbands and fathers to help address this issue and to challenge especially men in the churches to become mentors of at risk boys. It’s a long and arduous task but we must, as part of our Christian mandate to be salt and light, deal with challenging matters like these. Please pray with us that we find increasing numbers of men to volunteer to be trained in this very crucial task and that they will be used by God to impact and transform the lives of our boys and young men!

This past Friday to Monday, November 9 to 12, my son, pastor Alex Altidor and I were in the island of Mustique, one of the Grenadines islands that is known as a place for the rich and famous. We were invited by the Mustique Christian Assembly to train their leaders on crucial matters on leadership, evangelism and discipleship. We also took time to meet with the men exclusively on Monday night and discussed with them father issues and the needs of their children. It was a very special weekend. Those who came to the training were focused and interacted well with what we taught and we had some practical sessions where they, in their various groups, (men’s and women’s fellowship, young adults, Sunday school, elder board) were led by me to discuss and  set out ways in which they were going to reach and  make disciples of the persons their group seeks to minister to. They were also asked as individuals to commit to reaching at least two persons, in a relationship context, and begin the disciple making process. The pastor is tasked to follow them up to see that this is taking place.

We had a very special and moving service on Sunday morning. The singing and music were inspiring and we dedicated the baby of the world famous Rock Star Mick Jagger from Rolling Stones band (the pastor asked me to do the blessing of the baby). He and his team stayed for the entire service where I spoke about the Great Commission and men reaching men as it was Men’s Sunday!  We  completed the discipleship training on Sunday night teaching on “Why should we make disciples? ” and “Jesus’ disciple making methods” looking at how He made disciples of the woman at the well in St. John 4 and Zaccheaus in Luke 19. 
The ministry here continues for the next few weeks as I am scheduled to be here till December 12. Please keep me in your prayers that God will continue to open doors and give me His uncommon grace, favor and anointing as I speak his word in churches, schools and on radio next week Monday morning.
And please remember that we need your financial support for Africa Missions 2019. Support has just been trickling in so far and we are still in need of about US$20,000 for team and my expenses. I will be leaving for Kenya in early March and will be in Africa with 4 different teams next year until July 8. So, if you have not given yet to our mission please prayerfully consider doing so now!
Gifts can be given online via PayPal at:  Click on “donate” and follow the instructions. Or you can send a check/cheque to RENEWED Ministries, P.O. Box 1229,  Mishawaka, Indiana, USA 46546
God’s riches blessings and the fullness of His Spirit be upon you as you continue to serve Him. Thanks for your continued prayers and support for me and the various teams that I serve with all over the world for the glory of God!
Coram Deo!
Always in His grip,

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