How to Raise Resilient and Independent Kids

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When we were young, my uncle defended his kids even when they were in the wrong and let the headmaster know about it in no uncertain fashion. We looked on in disbelief as our parents had completely different ideas and they would never have done that. We had to stand on our own two feet and they very rarely intervened. When we were mocked in the street, my mother’s response was :-


Helicopter parents are really ruining kids’ sense of autonomy and resilience in the long term. This quote says it all:-

“Helicopter parents. Before I started at Pirriwee Public, I thought it was an exaggeration, this thing about parents being overly involved with their kids. I mean, my mum and dad loved me, they were, like, interested in me when I was growing up in the nineties, but they weren’t, like, obsessed with me.” –Liane MoriartyBig Little Lies

You can watch the video here of Lenore Skenazy who has a great site called Free Range Kids and she defends her position very well in this video and I completely agree with her. She says that society has become obsessed with child protection and some parents are even charged with negligence when their kids are playing unattended in their own backyard!


And what about parents who are just not even bothering to supervise their kids on the Internet?

It needs to be monitored (without hovering around them all the time!) because there may be a need to restrict media activity. Again, parents setting the example can be a great help. They can be much more active in restricting use of devices at mealtimes, family get togethers and even on outings. 

In a way, overprotective parents are having a knee jerk reaction to hysteria about child safety and protection and that is understandable but this is not the answer to raising resilient and independent kids.


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